Fab Academy 2015

How to build (almost) anything

Fab Academy: What

Fab Academy is a course directed by Neil Gershenfeld, founder of Fab Lab movement and director of the Center for Bits and Atoms.

This course is based on MIT program: “How to build (almost) anything”, held by Neil Gershenfeld and is conducted in English.
The Academy offers an advanced education on Digital Fabrication, electronics and programming, through a network of students and tutors from all round the world.

The course is organized on the “Hands-on” methodology and the free access to all the machines provided in a Lab.
The educational program is subdivided in weekly subjects that go from rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, programming, software or application development, electronics and interaction design.

The classes are held directly by Gershenfeld connected with all the Academies around the world through web streaming lectures in which he introduces the headlines of the subjects and reviews the assignments.
Thanks to the wide network of Academies involved, it is possible to access to this open and dynamic network of knowledge. This network offers the opportunity to interact and exchange informatics with the whole body of tutors at disposition.

Each student starts the course creating a personal web page in which i twill be possible to show the assignments done and exchange information and data.

Fab Academy: Why

Fab Academy: How

The target of the course is to create the skills to manage and deal with all the aspects of the Digital Fabrication, by forcing the students to acquire a complete and multi-sectorial view.

The movement of Makers, the digital artisans, the movement of Fab Labs and Hacker Spaces, due to its rapid grow in the last years, is creating the basis for a new economy that deeply involves Digital Fabrication.
The objective of the Academy is to form the new professionals in this digital revolution.

The course is open to any type of professional, student or amateur.
During the years the Academy has been attracting kids as engineers, designers, musicians, IT, etc.
Thanks to the wideness of the themes introduced, each student has the opportunity to focus on peculiar aspects of the program selecting his research toward the realization of a personal Final Project.

The versatility of the program is clearly showed by the wideness of the themes presented in the Final Projects. All viewable on line.

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Fab Academy: Where

Fab Lab Frosinone is a young subject on our national and local territory.
Why choosing Fab Lab Frosinone – Officine Giardino?

We offer a brand new location, with more than 300 sqm, fully equipped with all new machines required by the Academy.
We are the one and only Fab Lab in Italy to offer 3 Gurus (graduated at Fab Academy) in the staff as tutors during the course

We are an international team, composed by high qualified professionals, coming from the best European schools or structures (CERN, Fab Lab Barcelona, IAAC – Institute for Advance Architecture of Catalunya).
We run a platform oriented at developing projects sharing the same idea of using new technologies in different fields like environment, energy and social issues.

In partnership with Innova, Chamber of Commerce and other National Institutions, we aim to launch start-ups and innovating projects.
Frosinone is located in a strategic position, between Rome and Naples, easy to reach also with public transports.

Frosinone is the capital of Ciociaria, an ancient area well known for its cuisine and for its historical and cultural legacy.



    [M.Arch IAAC, graduate fab academy 2014 at FABLAB BARCELONA]
    [graduate fab academy 2014 at FABLAB BARCELONA]
    [M.Arch IAAC, graduate fab academy 2014 at FABLAB BARCELONA]
    [Information technology expert, electronics, programming]